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Right next to our hotel, with dedicated access for our guests, you’ll find Tika, our fusion-cuisine restaurant. Enjoy a wide variety of meals and get borne away by the unique flavors of Bolivian culture. Boasting the ultimate blend of local dishes and a modern, cozy atmosphere, Tika is the perfect place to savor the moment.

Tika City

The “curious cuisine” of Tika restaurant (Tika City, in its “casual dining” version) fuses typically Bolivian dishes with global gourmet cuisine to form an extensive and varied menu for those eager to experience Bolivia through their palates. Interact with others and discover Bolivian culture in a relaxed, homely atmosphere.

  • > Well-appointed spaces for celebrations and private events.
  • > Pay with cash or debit/credit card.
  • > Vegetarian options.
  • > International fast-food and comfort-food items.
  • > Buffet breakfast for Jardines de Uyuni guests.

Must-eat dishes

Volcán Thunupa

Fried chicken nuggets covered in teriyaki sauce. Served with a black rice volcano, a fresh garden salad, and locally grown potatoes.

Potojchi de llama

Llama Goulash K’allqu Huallpash heated on lava rocks. Garnished with rice pilaf, and locally grown potatoes.

Sopa Quinua Real

A blend of the Bolivian Royal Quinoa—a.k.a the “golden grain of the Andes Mountains”—, beef, and a selection of local veggies. Served with toasts covered in Andean herb butter that melts in your mouth.


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