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Jardines de Uyuni

Located in the city of Uyuni, the hotel’s structure is made largely of adobe, a material typically used in Andean buildings. This hotel establishment is the best stop-off point to transition from daily life’s pragmatism to a higher sense of the sublime through your travel experience. We create the perfect connection among several different worlds.

Hidalgo Tours

Our tours are designed to create unforgettable experiences that will make for extraordinary stories—because we’re convinced that every new step you take into the world has the power of revealing its own truths, while transforming your life and leaving indelible marks on your memory.

Palacio de Sal

The world’s first salt hotel, this is our luxury establishment within our family of partner brands. Its architectural beauty is simply stunning, and because it’s located on the edge of Salar de Uyuni, the place affords an impossible-to-miss adventure for those passing through Uyuni town.

Mallku Cueva

An ideal hideout for adventurers, this built-into-a-rock hotel is nestled in a huge mountain right in “the middle of nowhere.” A cozy, remote sanctuary for those seeking to experience a refreshing connection with the world.


We see gastronomy as a journey in itself, feeding the traveler’s memory with a highly positive experience—one that bears our culture as a legacy, while still embracing other formats and palates. In all its four versions, Palace, City, Pop Up, and On the road, Tika will introduce you to the exquisite flavors of Bolivia.

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